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Are you looking for a web host with great support?
Need to host a site at a price that suits your budget?
Whether your a small business owner, or a large business owner, you will need hosting with speed, reliability and support when you need it.
Look no further, see our plans below:

All plans come with c-panel, email, web-site builders, marketing tools, high security and with the ability to add addons. If your not sure which package is best for you, please contact us for more details or advice first.
Note: All hosting plans come with a $15.00 set-up fee.
Perfect for blogs or small sites.

Disk Quota(MB) 750
Bandwidth(MB): 10000
FTP Accounts: 1
E-mail Accounts: 5
E-mail Lists: 1
E-mail Quota: 100/hr
Max-Databases: 1
Sub-Domains: 1
Max Parked Domains: 1
Max Addon Domains: 1

Order for only $3.99 per month

Perfect for growing sites.

Disk Quota(MB) 1500
Bandwidth(MB): 20000
FTP Accounts: 5
E-mail Accounts: 10
E-mail Lists: 10
E-mail Quota: 250/hr
Max-Databases: 10
Sub-Domains: 10
Max Parked Domains: 5
Max Addon Domains: 5

Order for only $7.99 per month

Pro Plus:
Perfect for professional sites.

Disk Quota(MB) 25000
Bandwidth(MB): Unlimited
FTP Accounts: 15
E-mail Accounts: 25
E-mail Lists: Unlimited
E-mail Quota: 500/hr
Max-Databases: 25
Sub-Domains: 15
Max Parked Domains: 15
Max Addon Domains: 15

Order for only $12.99 per month

Ideal for a large/pro sites.

Disk Quota(MB) Unlimited
Bandwidth(MB): Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
E-mail Accounts: Unlimited
E-mail Lists: Unlimited
E-mail Quota: 1000/hr
Max-Databases: Unlimited
Sub-Domains: Unlimited
Max Parked Domains: Unlimited
Max Addon Domains: Unlimited

Order for only $24.99 per month

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